Great field dogs - tremendous desire for birds.
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Birds of a feather....
Littermates Oldsquaw's Autumn Storm, Oldsquaw's Mexicali Rose and Oldsquaw's Hurricane Jane took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the VT derby.  Litter mate Oldsquaw's Power Surge (not shown) received a JAM in the same derby!
Another happy puppy - Meghan Lilly
Oldsquaw Kennels
Frank and Sheila Purdy
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Dowling, MI  49050
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Emma checking out Tinkerbell (and holding her paw).
Emma still loving her Tinky 8-2010
Already trained to watch TV with the kids!

Then                                                Now
Great family dogs
Papa's new bird girl!
Tinkerbell exhausted from playing with Jordan & Caden
Great help with keeping the kids entertained!
Great with children and in the house
Will play anytime.
Emma's favorite dog!
OK - she's too pooped to play anymore!
GREAT with kids!

Dreamer's first duck hunting season 2009
click on view for larger image
Stinger doing a water retrieve @ 4 months old
Excavating for our new training ponds. 
Darla and the geese!
Here she comes with the duck!
She's getting closer
Here she is!
She got it!
All our pups are very well socialized!
Papa's training helpers; in the kennel and in the field!!!