Just wanted to give you an update on Dreamer.  First of all let me say that Dreamer is doing well.  She is a great dog and quickly became a member of the family....I also am emailing you now because it was the opening weekend of Duck Season in Wisconsin, and Dreaner did great!  She made 20 retrieves including one on a huge Canada Goose.  She impressed all my hunting partners as well as the people across the marsh who asked "where do you get a dog like that".  She made every retrieve I sent her on and looked confused and upset when we missed a shot.  The highlight of the weekend was a two hundred yard water retrieve on a crippled duck, who when she got to it kept diving on her.  Needless to say she brought back the duck....Thank you for a great dog!  - Matt      October 2012
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I wanted to let you know that last night I had to 
put down my Lab from your 1996 litter of Sugar & Cropper.  He lived a good long 15 years.  He was a pleasure both in the field and in the house.  He retired from hunting 2 years ago.  His legs just couldn't handle the stress of upland hunting any longer.  Even though his last two years were as a "house" dog, he never lost his zeal for life.  He loved to hunt.  He always knew when my gun came out, even if I tried to hide it from him because I was going out to shoot targets.  Hw will be greatly missed, and will always have a special place in the hearts of our family.
- Brian        March 2011

"I purchased Morgan from you.  He was from Fly's litter...I wanted to train him as an assistance dog.  I have to tell you that Morgan is the best dog ever.  When he was in puppy school the trainer told me that Morgan was so smart I could teach him anything.  So far I taught him to bring me the phone, open and close doors, help me up from a chair, go alert my husband that I need him and to find and bring me my shoes.  I can also point to objects and he will bring them.  He's a friendly and good natured dog and everyone loves him.  He loves to play frisbee and any other retrieval games.  He's a wonderful companion and I feel lucky to have him.  Thanks for breeding such great dogs!
-Karolyn     June 2011
​Koli and DeKon

On Koli's (Autumn and Tick) third birthday I just wanted to let you know how 
he has been doing in agility  since I first started competing with him early this summer.  In AKC, he has earned his Novice Standard (NA), Novice Fast (NF), and (NAJ) titles.  He has also earned his Open Standard (OA) title.  We currently have  one leg in Open Fast  and would have had two legs if not for handler error.  Koli will be beginning Open Jumpers and Excellent Standard when we start competing again this spring.  He has also earned titles in DOCNA.  I think he is also close to a title in dock diving as well.

DeKon (Autumn and Big Boy), started agility training a couple of months ago and is doing extremely well.  He has drive but not, at least at this point, Koli's over the top drive.  He is very smart as well and you can actually see him trying to figure out what it is you want hime to perform.  My trainer is very impressed with both dogs, DeKon especially since he seems to pick up things so easily.
-Elaine     January 2012
Jake, our hero

I would like to thank you for the yellow Lab, Jake
 (now 2 1/2 years old), that my wife, Linda and I purchased from you in the fall of 2009... and why he is considered to be our hero and will always hold a special place with us.  
Early morning, about 2:00 am to 2:30 am, on Thursday May 3rd, 2012, "Jake" came upstairs to our bedroom and began snuggling both Linda and myself.  This was normal behavior if it was raining, but it wasn't.  Therefore, Linda was going to take him down stairs and she would sleep on the couch because I had to get up in the morning to go to work.  But Jake wouldn't let her lay down and kept snuggling her to get up.  She tried to get him to stop and lay down but he was insistence (sic) on her getting up.  She did and shortly there after she began experiencing shortness of breath and was having a hard time breathing.  My wife called me and said something was wrong and she couldn't breathe.  I quickly called 911 and my wife was taken to the hospital with her lungs rapidly filling with fluid.  She was taken to emergency and the medical staff was able to get everything under control.  The hospital staff told my wife and I had we waited much longer there would have been a different outcome.
So with a grateful heart I want to thank you for your high standards in the breeding of your dogs, because due to that breeding during the middle of the night Jake (who is really attached to my wife) detected something was wrong with her and he responded in the only way he knew how by not letting her lay down and maybe not waking up.
-Jim and Linda     May 2012

Here's a photo we took of Charlie late Nov.2016.  His tenth season and still going strong.  Beautiful companion and bird dog.
-Sandy and Mark     April 2017

Sandy and I took Charlie with us sea clamming today.  As I'm sure you're well aware, your dogs are pretty bright.  He saw a clam "squirt" water, put 2+2 together, and dug himself his first sea clam........Charlie began finding sea clams just like a truffle dog in France.  He'd run the sand bar until he'd spot a tiny hole, stick his nose right on it, and inhale several times to make sure, then he'd dig.  He got half the bucket today by himself.  We couldn't carry anymore, and he was still digging one after another.  He won't retrieve them though.  I think the sand bothers him?  Sandy and I couldn't stop laughing.  I love that dog! :-)
-Mark     March 2011

Charlie and 
I just finished the 2015 bird season.  Happy to report he hasn't changed a bit.  We hunted almost everyday of the MA upland season.  Logging long hours and miles daily.  Charlie wore me into the ground most days. ....  He hasn't slowed a bit.  Amazing nose and intelligence.  We spent most of this season in heavy beaver swamps in near impenetrable underbrush.  By season's end, Charlie lost most of the hair around his eyes and muzzle.  His belly was worn smooth, from 45 days of crashing through cover.  We had several really heavy flights of woodcock come through this year, and he was really showing off flushing them.  I don't shoot them anymore, but I still hunt them at every opportunity since he likes to flush them.  He's a really great hunting companion and family pet.  Great watchdog.  Or just going for adrive with a cup of coffee to look st seagulls.
-Mark     December 2015
Taylor and Sophie

We... have two of your dogs.  The first is a yellow lab that will be eleven years old in March or April....We named her Taylor and she has been a dream.  Taylor swam the first time she saw the water at our lake down the street.  She was given the name "lover dog" because she was so affectionate, always wanting to be close.  The most amazing thing was when I was particularly ill a few years with bad migraines and vertigo.   She took it upon herself to walk by my side up and down our large staircase.  She had me put one hand on her back and one hand on the hand rail and would walk me up and down EVERY time I used the stairs (without being called), amazing.  Over the years she would also sit beside the bed on watch for any one in the house that was ill at the time.  Just the sweetest dog in the world!

The second was a chocolate...she is now three...her name is Sophie.   She is the funniest dog in the world and makes everyone happy.  She is incredibly obedient and so eager to please.  She is always looking me right in the eyes, watching my eyes, face and lips to see what we are going to do next.  She is a constant energetic companion.  She also talks quite a bit conveying what she wants, and shows you what she wants...a ball under the sofa, an empty water bowl, feeding time, or that a deer or bobcat is in the yard.  She makes about 25 different faces, her expressiveness is incredible....i also have to tell you that the younger chocolate took over the nursing role of the older one.  In late 2009 I had breast cancer surgery and radiation.  She was a constant companion through my being laid up in bed so much.  She would carefully lay with me with her head on my stomach and look up at me.  .... She would not ask to go out, to eat or leave to see who had come in downstairs.....She would stay with me while the family ate dinner downstairs.  Just unbelievable!  She helped my recovery due to her constant companionship and love......So thank you for being such great breeders and I want you to know how much love and joy your [true] companion dogs have brought to me and my family.  We can't wait to get another from you, but right now the two of them would be too jealous.  However, when the time comes for another playmate for Sophie and the rest of us we will call you.  They are the most awesome dogs and you should be proud of what you are able to produce.  I have gotten all my dogs from breeders since child (sic) but none of them truly loved and respected what they do as do you!  THANK YOU!!!!!     -Lynette    February 2011
Goose  (pheasant hunting trip in Regent, ND)

My dog Goose is a yellow lab brother to Sunny.  With the training from Tim Doane, only three months, Goose performed remarkably.  His drive to work the field, flush and perform spectacular retrieves in a tough environment was remarkable.  The remarks by fellow hunters were glowing and made me proud to mention your kennel.  Many of the experienced hunters agreed his drive is not only training but a gift bred into him. Me being a new hunter of only a couple of years sometimes I cannot comprehend the glowing comments bestowed upon Goose.  But, one thing I can say is that Goose has been nothing but a spectacular partner and loyal friend and hunting partner.
-Steve     October 2014
Oldsquaw's Little Girl Rita

​I gotta hand it to ya Frank and Sheila.  Rita is everything I asked for; she is a competitive small (52) pound black female,  good with kids, loves to work and hunt. She made it to the 3rd series in her first derby then worked as the test dog for the fourth.  Several people said she did that test better than the winner.  Next derby she got a jam so she shows a lot of promise.   Again thanks a bunch.           -Charlie    October 2012

She is still the best dog I ever had thanks!!! Frank and Sheila
-Charlie    August 2018

  Just wanted to give you an update on Laker.  He is enjoying dock jumping and has earned USJCH (United Senior Jumper Champion).  He continues to improve with every competition.  He has also recently started to take agility classes and seems to excel in that area as well.... Thanks again for a great dog!
-Lori and John     December 2012

I should have written long ago but now that it's coming up to 1 year since we got Birdie, I just wanted to tell you how great she is!  She's beautiful, enthusiastic and loving and, although I've only worked her with Ginny Pastor a few times, I throw bumpers for her often....Anyway, I just wanted to thank you both for bringing Birdie into our lives.  We have another lab, Sirus, who is going to be 13 soon and we always like to have at least 2.  Si is still in good shape but at some point we are going to be in the market for another lab and I will contact you.  We are sold on Oldsquaw!  
 -Jeff    March 2015

We just wanted to thank you for Knox!  We love playing fetch outside with him, and then coming in and having him settle right down and cuddle with us.  He learned to sit by 8 weeks of age, and now we  are teaching him many different commands.  He is so smart, and so loving and hopefully one day we can add another to our family.  We love him!
- Jill and Shawn     March 2015
BB (Oldsquaw's Red Rider)

Di and I bought one of your starter male dogs in June 2011. We both look back at the process you put us through to ensure BB would be well placed, and that he would be a house dog.  Sheila we think of you often and how you looked the day we picked BB up.  We both understand how you felt, as we could not think of not having this sweet dog in our lives.   He is the most passive, sweetest dog we know.  Our family and friends are amazed at how calm and well-mannered BB is around people, especially our two grand children.  The bond he has made with them, especially with our 3 year old grandson is very special to watch.  Where there is one, the other is not far behind.  Ranging from the Sandpit, just big enough for both once BB wriggles in next to our grandson, to playing in our yard.  I have a very demanding job, and I enjoy BB's calming nature especially when I come home and we sit together.  The way he greets me at the door, and follows us into our bedroom smiling, makes the worst day the brightest.  When we go into the field for either upland game or water fowling, he seems to change.  Your training of BB shows Frank, my hunting friends and I are amazed at how steady and focused he is in a duck blind or Goose Pit, always looking, or just lays down when things are slow.  His retrieving ability is second to none, retrieving crippled ducks in the reeds, to running down pheasants.  He even dived for a duck, with only his back legs and wagging tail above the water and popped back up with the duck in his mouth!!!!!  Everyday he brings joy to our home, we are so grateful to have BB in our lives.  Thanks for convincing us not to change his name, and matching us up with BB.  Looking at him, how could we have considered anything other than BB.
- Colin and Dianne   August 2015

I just wanted to shoot you a note to tell you what a joy Parker has been.  He is so clever, loving and beautiful!  By 8 weeks he had already mastered commands like sit, down, look, settle and learning so many other commands so easily.  ...We love him so much.  Thank you for this amazing addition to our family.
-  The Schmerins   August 2015

My husband and
 I bought our puppy Cash from you a year ago in October. What a year its been.  This dog has more energy than the previous 3 labs put together.  He is quite the character.  I've never seen a dog who likes to play as much as he does.  He was introduced to duck hunting 2 weeks ago.  He has done absolutely amazing!  He is everything that my husband was looking for in a hunting dog.  He is VERY smart with a ton of natural instinct.  I tried to get a face photo of him for you but he wouldn't stop looking for ducks while he was sitting in the duck blind.  Thank you for raising such amazing dogs!
- Mike and Chelle   November 2015

It’s been almost two years since Orlo was born and I though I would give you an update and a continuation of my May 2014 email. My main goal for Orlo was to be a hunting retriever as well as my close companion. He continues to be with me 24 hours a day and is my best friend. During the first nine months with me we did puppy training, socializing spending time boating etc. In January of 2015 he went south with Alec Sparks (Snowbound Kennels) for retriever training. He came back to me five months later a retriever. Starting in September we went Canada goose hunting a lot and in October spent three weeks duck hunting in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He was perfect for a first season retriever. Later in November we followed the Snow Goose migration along the St. Lawrence River. Mr. O got plenty of retrieves. One of the characteristics Orlo has when duck hunting is to retrieve two ducks at a time. He is a very good marker, loves the water and has a very sensitive nose. If there are multiple birds on the water he swims past the first bird goes to a second bird picks it up and on the way back picks up the first bird. He has figured out how to get two mallards in his mouth and bring them back. Soon March or April we will start following the spring Snow goose migration on the St. Lawrence River. The migration can last up to six weeks and we will do a lot of retrieving. Orlo is very handsome and weights a fit 68 pounds. I am so happy with my dog.
-Dean  February 2016
Girlie (aka Fern)

Sending you a photo of our beloved Girlie who just turned 2 recently.  Words can not express how much joy this beautiful dog has brought to our lives.  She is very funny and makes us laugh daily.  She is also very smart and was so easy to train.  When she finally tires out from her hectic day of squirrel watching, ball chasing, or long walks, she sweetly snuggles next to you and goes to sleep.  Thank you for all the love you and your husband Frank pour into your Labradors.  We are so happy we found our Girlie!
-Helen and Dino     March 2016
Just wanted to send u a picture of our girls, "Beauxis" and "Saylor" on opening day of dove season. By far the best dogs in the field. 
Hope all is well.
-Andy     September 2016
Beauxis and Saylor
Wait A Minute Chester

"Wait A Minute" Chester at 10 weeks; I thought my last black lab, Jerry the Grateful Dog was the smartest most loyal dog in the world.  Chester has exceeded all of my expectations in regard to training, skills and loyalty...He continues to amaze me with his intelligence.  
Thanks again for a great pup.
-Tony    May 2017

Wait A Minute Chester at 1 year old.
Chester is: loyal, athletic, very very smart, learns commands quickly and retains the experience in regard to obedience, peaceful and playful with people and other dogs and handsome like Harry...
-Tony March 2018
Courthouse Charlie

Just wanted to share some information about one of Handsome Harry's pups.  We have gotten several positive comments from owners of these pups.  
Please see attached regarding Courthouse Charlie.  Gaffke's Gundogs also has a pup out of their litter with Handsome Harry that is training to work at the Midland County Courthouse.
Great dogs!
-Jay @ Young Labradors   May 2017
Jetta @ 9 months of age

I hope this email finds you well. Just thought I'd share a bit of Jetta's progress while she trains to be an Urban Search and Rescue Dog. These are the basics- 
Agility: Navigates obstacles under control. In a couple of months she'll be climbing a ladder.
Directs: Moves from base to base as directed. When training is complete the course will be the size of a baseball diamond infield - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, pitchers mound and home.
Search: Can't fool this little girl. Basic training the dog is taught to alert (bark) at the strongest source of human scent. To accomplish this task people are hidden in barrels, the lid has a single hole. In the video a "blank barrel" is in the field. Jetta quickly determines its a fake and follows her nose to the human scent. She's rewarded with a game of tug.
So far she's wonderful. If she continues at this pace - this time next year she'll be ready for FEMA USAR Certification.
Way to go Jetta! (and Oldsquaw Kennels -- very nice breeding -- this pup is everything you said she'd be). Thank you
-Lisa   August 2017



Quite simply, the best breeder of healthy, athletic, intelligent, highly trainable labs. Abby, a chocolate, was our first dog from Frank & Sheila. She lived to be almost 16 and words cannot describe how wonderful she was. When we were ready for another dog, there was no question but that we go back to Old Squaw. We now have Bamboo, a yellow, who is 15 months old now, and proving to be just as wonderful as the first!!
-Elaine   January 2017


"You guys are such a blessing!  We are so thankful for our sweet pup, Otis!  We picked him up from you both back in December and he is from the Blackie and Ice litter.  Otis has the sweetest disposition and has been super easy to train!  His drive and nose really impresses us as well!  As we write this to you we are headed North to work on duck retrieving for his highly anticipated first fall!  We have attached some photos we hope you'll enjoy!
-Sara and Casey   August 2018

We picked up Zoe almost 3 years ago at Boston Logan Airport on a clear March afternoon. She was everything we hoped for and more. Right out of the kennel we could see she was a bright, healthy, and happy pup. Zoe is our second purchase from the Purdy family. In 2003 we picked up Mandy and Maverick (two wonderful black labs) who we loved very much. Our decision to get Zoe was based our experiences with Mandy and Maverick. Intelligent, energetic, family dogs but with a distinct lineage of retrieval and hunting smarts & instincts. As a field bird hunter (pheasants), you tend to see dogs that “have it”…and these dogs definitely do. 

Zoe is definitely a family pet more than a hunter at this point. She is super smart, alert to her surroundings and naturally energetic. We run her daily and swim her as often as we can. She’s a tenacious retriever…a testimony to the lineage of sporting, field dogs. Zoe’s a powerful swimmer as well. Besides being a beautiful female black lab, she has this warm personality that comes with the smarts. She loves people, although her over energetic greetings sometimes take people aback…once they see she’s all play…they admire her even more. She’s been a terrific companion to our Golden Retriever. They entertain us constantly. With all that, she’s also extremely healthy. 

The Purdy’s continue to breed exceptional labs. Whether you compete, hunt, or just want a retriever to make you home a better place. The Oldsquaw Kennels dogs are what you want. 
-Dwight   February 2019


River at 9 months; mother is Big Allie, father is Boston Blackie.  We love this new little addition to our family.  She goes everywhere with us; from fishing in the summer to hunting in the fall.  She just started to get her first few birds in the last couple of months and is doing great. I'll bet she has about 50 birds so far under heer belt.  She has retrieved mountain grouse, sage grouse, sharp tail grouse and our pheasant season just started in Idaho, goose is just around the corner!  She is going to be a great hunting dog and best friend. I thought I would share a few pictures of her.
-Todd    October 2018

We would  like to let you know that our Star turned six years old on September 14, she is out of Sweetie and this dog has more energy than 10 dogs.  She is the ultimate duck retrieving machine, great with the family and has a nose that smells out any mice, rodents, snakes.  I would highly recommend Oldsquaw Kennels to all that love the outdoors and a hunting thank you for providing such an  awesome breeding.
-Scott and family    September 2018

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know our puppy is settling in beautifully....She is smart, strong, curious & eager to please.  Busy one minute & snoozing the next...and already growing, almost right before our eyes.  Thank you for our wonderful little (not for long) girl!
-Nancy   October 2018

Hi Mama Sheila-
It’s been awhile but, I thought you would like to know how 19 month-old Haven is doing.
Haven is one happy, energetic pup. She has successfully completed Intermediate and Advanced Obedience classes and the AKC Good Citizenship program, although we are constantly reinforcing behaviors. Food is a big motivator, but she is so active that she holds her weight at 60 pounds; perfect for us. 
We also had some session of nose work and Agility classes; those aspects came in really handy during the brutal winter days that never seemed to end. 
Haven is super smart, very kind and very social. We ended up mulching our entire yard so she and her pup friends can romp and roll. 
Walks in our neighborhood provide her with opportunity to stalk ( what a beautiful stalking she has) rabbits, raccoons, deer, ground hogs and an occasional skunk. One did get into our fended yard this winter & before Ron could call her back, she got sprayed. That was an event for us;Haven didn’t care.
As I write this, we are traveling to Colorado for our summer stay. Haven is a good car traveler and we stop at rest areas often to let her expend energy. All we need is a ball and she is good to go ...forever. Haven loves the “city” life in Fort Collins and there are a few “indoor” dog swimming pools that she goes to. The girl loves to swim!! We might try her in a river this summer; all in all, we are so happy to be pup parents to Haven. She keeps us active and provides us with many funny moments. 
If you are ever in our area, think about stopping by. We would love for you to see her. 
Hoping you and Frank are well and that Ice and Blackie and all your pups are doing great. 
-Janet   June 2019

Again this year, Sam qualifies for the National on the ALL BREED list and is ranked #2 Labrador!
This is the 6th year he's qualified! Never missing a year!
Love my boy!
    -Sharri     December 2019
OTCH Sharrigan's Purdy Birdie Boy Samsom UDX11 OGM SH
Oldsquaw's Autumn Wind  (Misty)

Dear Frank and Sheila, it has been many years since my grandsons and I pulled into your drive. It was a cold and snowy day.  I still remember how when you opened the cellar door how a black lab exploded into the arms of two young boys it was pure chaos.  After about an hour we couldn't go home without her.  It was a rainy foggy drive back to Fort Wayne and the boys named her Misty.  She has been my constant companion and friend and what a retriever.  It was her passion.
Now after many years later we laid her to rest.  She is buried as the back of my property overlooking a creek she loved to explore.  I have her  picture and collar hanging over my flytying bench at home.  I wrote this  short memoir and thought you would enjoy it.
-  Jim    December 2019


Walking at a jaunty angle,
the Labrador retriever hobbles
toward the lake,
water rippling in the evening
that calls her home.

In her youth she could rocket
fifteen feet from land to liquid,
lake's edge bypassed by desire.

In the golden autumns,
she smashed thru currents,
straining to reach her prize.

She was ferocious in her need,
work the reward
retrieval and your hand
her dream in the nights.

Now thick with age,
grayed and arthritic
she staggers to slide
into cool embrace
of the past.  
12/23/19  JIM

Hi Frank and Sheila, 
We came with our 2 daughters, as a surprise, to your kennel when you were still in NY, to pick out a male chocolate Lab.  We picked Rocky from an all chocolate litter of 11... We wanted you to know that Rocky is just about 12 and a half now and still just the cutest happy boy.  He has brought us so much joy and fun all these years.  He's a very spoiled boy
living in New York City with weekend visits to our daughters in Connecticut with a huge backyard and pool to swim in.  He has always been a healthy dog, but recently he has slowed down some and has arthritis, but he's doing well with his pills.  He loves spending time with our daughter's dog MAX who is in one of the pictures.  We often go on your website to look at the puppies.  It looks like you both are still having fun raising and breeding these great dogs.  Hopefully, we can visit you in Michigan someday. 
-Eddie, Lucille, Stephanie and Jennifer    
April 2020

We purchased a female puppy from you in September 
of 2019.  We decided to call her Minnie and she is perfect!  We absolutely love her!  On March 5th, my husband and Minnie traveled to Tulsa Oklahoma to begin training for the dog training business, TipTopK9.  From the moment she arrived, she was a model student!  She passed the training courses faster than any other dog!  Everyone loves her and could not get over how quickly she caught on......Thank you so much for your help!
- Abby and Daniel  
April 2020