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We occasionally have females that we are no longer breeding and need a great home.  All of the dogs we keep for breeding are screened for health, retrieving ability and temperament.  

Please CALL Frank for availability.

Oldsquaw's Ribbons Down My Back

Summer is recently retired and has been spayed.
She is a young 5-1/2 year old who loves to play and be in the house with her people.  She will gaze into your face with love and melt your heart.  She is best in a single dog, princess home where she will be loved, spoiled and happy.  She has worked hard for us and deserves to be in the house, NOT a kennel or tied outside all the time.  She's very affectionate, great with children, house broken and crate trained.  
She will love you unconditionally!
She is one of Sheila's favorites!!!
Call Frank for further details

Meet Oldsquaw's Black Ice
ICE - d.o.b. 12/18/18; she is through the yard and is in transition.  Her hips are OFA EXCELLENT (preliminary), her elbows are OFA normal she is CNM, EIC and PRA clear and is yellow factored.  
ICE has lots of drive and is very focused in training and nice in the house. To see her work see the videos below and click here for pedigree.
Phone calls ONLY please  FRANK 845-561-4666

Land marks 9-7-20
Water blind 9-7-20
Land blinds 9-7-20
Water marks 9-7-20